The following are comments from parents, on the changes they are seeing in their child, as the child progresses through the ConfidentCalmKids Autism intervention programme.

Mum Val Cork, comments on her 11 year old son diagnosed with ASD

“Its like he is awakening …he’s very grounded and calm 99% of the time. Stimming is WAY down , maybe once/twice a day, some days nothing”

“His voice has become louder and he has started shouting. Some new phrases ..”mammy ready ..quick”, “I’m full”, “Cut the tag off”, “John is outside”.

“He called me during the night and woke me .”..Mammy..hug me” – he has never done that before”

“When given a choice of what to watch on T.V rather than choosing one of them he is asking for something totally different (obviously what he really wants to watch)”

“The S&L Therapist said his cognition has taken a huge leap forward in past 6 weeks and she is genuinely delighted with his progress since when started with her in early May. He is answering her in 3-4 word sentence replies. Pronunciation has improved”

“He will always answer you now when you ask him a question”

“Echolalia has decreased. Eye contact has improved”

“He is checking to see if I’m still in house. He is coming in to us to tell us that he is going outside – he is actually saying ” going outside now ,,see ya!”.

“He has become more assertive – standing his own ground with his brother/cousins. Is territorial over his toys etc.”

“He is playing with toys that have been in his playroom for years – its as if he has only seen them now for the first time. He is no longer interested in watching just Kinder Egg when he has screen time … he’s watching Max & Ruby, Roary The Racing Car, Tractor Tom and Tractor Ted”

We bought him the DVD’s of them and now he will put one on in his playroom and lie on the couch there and actually watch an episode rather than just switching them after a couple of seconds. He is referencing to other characters in Thomas The Tank along with Thomas e.g Percy”

Academically – “His writing has improved , along with his reading. He’s receptive language has increased. I told him the code to my phone ONCE he remembers it and calls out the number and opens it himself”

“He is writing on his blackboard independently …e.g I asked him What day is today?..he wrote unprompted “Today is Wednesday” across the board. He is spelling /writing words unprompted. Sitting for longer periods – 2.5 hours without a sensory break. His summer tutor feels there is a huge change in him academically”

“He is cleaning his own glasses when they are dirty – before he would have just worn them dirty , like he didn’t notice”

“He is dressing himself”

“When his swing was wet , he went inside, got a towel, brought it out and dried the swing …before he would have sat on it wet”

“He is more interactive with his brother and his friends , he wants to be upstairs with them. He is playing chase with his cousins and is “minding” his little sister when she was walking up the slide (she’s 3)”

“He’s waiting his turn without whining about it”

“If he wants something I’m using e.g my phone , he will come up to me, rub my face and give me a hug, smile at me and then ask me for the phone !!”

Mum Denise Cork, comments on her 6 year old son diagnosed with ASD

“Overall we have seen Sean show periods off improved behaviour, often lasting days. Many routines have been easier in terms off:

  1. Eat his breakfast at the table
  2. Finishing his breakfast entirely, not eating it in the car
  3. Dressing, not as much shouting, more willing to get ready”

“School feedback has been more positive since Starting the programme. He has longer periods of time in integration classes. Took part in grandparents day. My mum said he was excellent sitting and listening”

“Defo more content, spending longer time at activities, playing with toys, books, less busy”

“Sean’s speech continues to improve, clarity wise”

“He is sharing a bit better. Took part in Easter egg hunt with 11 other children and did really well too”

“In Youghal more aware of traffic and able to move out of the way”

“Sean is eating more new foods and back eating foods he stopped eating. Teachers have made comments about this”

“Sean usually struggles with Irish dancing, but this week he did the whole class”

“He is a lot calmer presently. Major routines are great – gets dressed and out the door. He might say I don’t want to go to school but he just forgets it and moves on”

“Spending longer periods of time at integration in Mrs O’Brien’s class. When he did make inappropriate nosies(shouting) he said sorry very quickly”

“3 weeks in a row for Irish dancing”

“Copy book this week from school was very positive and integration in Mrs O’Brien class went great.” 

“Had another birthday party Friday and did well making new connections. We had some shouting at the party, mostly good behaviour”

“At the Rainbow club this week, Sean enjoyed the new sensory garden. In the past he would have only used the room upstairs but this time he was happy to stay downstairs”

“Notebook this week from school very positive. Integration class with Mrs O’Brien went well”

“Rainbow club went well, done art work”

“Swimming went well, has started putting his head under the water of his own accord, which is a big positive”

“Had a friends confirmation party last Thursday and had a great time, all went well”

Mum Catherine & Dad Martin Cork, comments on their 11 year old son diagnosed with ASD

“All good in the last week. Ony one small blip in school today when he decided to
run on top of some stools outside and was reprimanded. He always takes something like this as a negative but we were told that he calmed down almost immediately and said sorry”

“He asked to sleep in his brotheres room twice, which is a near miracle and lasted until about 2.30 each night”

“Again great week, mostly calm. One or two blips in school, mostly to do with schedule changing”

“All good at hone and asked to sleep in his brothers room Sun, Mona and last night”

“All calm this week and 1 major item to report from our shopping. Conor had set his sights on a teddy bear while on his town trip with the school, which turned out to be the bear from the Ted Movie, with some pre-recorded dults sayings, so nt appropriate. However when he was told no, to pick something else, he just went with it, no tantrum and no giving out. First time ever!!”

“No issues to report from school. A little upset that he had to take a seat other than the front seat, but calmed down straight away”

“The school reportd that he came out of his cross state far quicker than before. He was told to stop running on benches and didn’t react very well at first. But after he saying sorry and came around quickly”

Mum Rose Cork, comments on her 11 year old son diagnosed with ASD

“After only 2 sessions, my son left the house everyday without any problem – normally there would be refusal to leave”

“He went to a cloths shop for the 1st time in 11 years and picked out soccer kit + runners that ‘HE’ wanted. He could never manage cloths shops before, too busy, too many people, too much noise”

“He stayed in our mobile home 2 nights in a row, which we could not do last year”

“Calmer, better reasoning and seems stronger in his own mind with opinions on matters”

“Gone back to school – sitting at kitchen table on his own and doing homework without me, he doesn’t need me helping he says. Much happier doing homework. No meltdowns yet this year doing homework”

“Concentration seems to have improved and he is also remembering teachers instructions, which would mean he is listening in class more. He can still remember the stuff when he gets home, this would not have happened last year”

Mum Marnie Cork, comments on her 11 year old son diagnosed with ASD

“My son is sleeping much more sound. Only one episode of wandering for some sensory seeking of tight place. He is explaining himself to me more. It’s a subtle change but its more noticeable as he is not screeching his disapproval. He is calmer and more verbal in school. He is completing his homework to task. He is generally calmer, he is talking more and engaging more with us”


“He is much more engaging and initiating conversation with me, explaining how he feels.”


“Standardised tests sat successfully and done with mainstream class like all the others. He is discussing his worries a lot more with me. I feel also the house is Topsy torvy as we are renovating so the couch is in the Kitchen, etc. Normally that would upset him but it’s ok so far.”


“He is sleeping very well and eating much more than usual. His special interests are much more evident lately, but I think it is more that he is now articulating his wants and needs more. He is engaging in conversation with me still on his terms but also in school he is connecting with his peers.”


“His communication is much better and he is more reasonable. He is explaining his thoughts to me. “



Mum Carol Cork, comments on her 7 year old son diagnosed with SPD

“The morning after my son received his 1st Brain training session he went upstairs and got dressed for school without whinging or asking for help. This has continued throughout the week, which has eliminated a stressful part of our morning. He has Oral Sensory Defensiveness, he only eats white food primarily. But I noticed this week although he didn’t want to try anything new,the quantity he is eating has increased significantly. He never normally knows when is hungry, but lately he is asking for more food which is a 1st!”


“My son has a strong pain threshold but when it comes to cuts and grazes he usually has a breakdown and takes a really long time to get over being hurt. He fell in school and cut his 2 knees, when he came out of school, he saw me and I knew there was something up. He showed me his knees and I gave him a hug and asked him was he ok. He nodded and the welling tears started. Before this would have went on for a couple of hours, crying,feeling sorry for himself, refusing to get involved in anything. But this time he just got the hug and that was his fall dealt with.”


“John was invited to a birthday partly and it was the first time that I left him at a party and I had spoke to him before that he could ring me any time to come and get him. He went into the party smiling and no shyness or anxiety, which he would have previously. When I collected him I asked how he was and was told he had a great time which he reaffirmed when I asked him, another 1st!”


“He has been happier coming out from school, no meltdowns immediately after.”


“This week is the run up to the school year finishing. Normally this time of year is very unsettling for John as it mean the end of school/home routine as he knows it. Last year he spent the entire month of June, July and some of August crying for no particular reason. But hindsight we now know it was changes in routine that he felt overwhelmed. But this week has been great, he is actually looking forward to the summer holidays and is counting down the days. He is content within himself which has made life at home easier.”


“He never played roughly with other kids even when he was younger. He became sensory overloaded from kids/people touching him. But this week he played roughly with older boys on the green which is a huge 1st for him. More importantly, he didn’t get sensory overload or have a meltdown after, which is amazing.”


“John is definitely more settled in himself since finishing school for the summer. Everything is finishing up for summer holidays, care farm, school + beavers. Usually when his routine changes dramatically like this he has huge adjustments to make within himself. This usually happens through meltdowns, anger, crying and not being able to regulate himself even with me helping him. But this summer so for it isn’t an issue and the fact that there isn’t a routine as such has not upset him, he is enjoying lazy mornings and seeing where he day takes us.”


“He has become more affectionate, he would always give you a hug but that would be more for his benefit as he needs the proprioceptive input(deep musclework) from the hug. But now he will give his sister a kiss just because which is a 1st for our family. He even gave me a kiss on the cheek tonight which only ever happened one other time that I can remember in his 7 years and being a mother that was very special.”


“This week I witnessed another 1st for my son. At the playground there was a boy there a similar age to him. He asked him his name and they began to play with each other. He has never gone up and asked a child their name before, he would always skirt around the edge of a playground hoping somebody would ask him to play.When we were leaving he actually went over and said goodbye to the boy he had been playing with. It was so wonderful to see him doing what so many things kids find so natural.”


“John has always struggled with proprioception due to his SPD. When his feet leave the ground sometimes his body doesn’t know where he is in space, example, you got to sit on a chair and for a split second you don’t know where the seat is and you think you are going to fall, that is what John experiences many times a day. So there is a climbing rock in our local playground that he has always been afraid to climb. So the past week I have been helping him to climb up,then after a couple of days he could do it himself, but couldn’t come down. Then today he did come down all by himself and he didn’t feel overwhelmed, which is wonderful!”


“John is now eating bread with crust on which is a big milestone in the eating department for him as crust isn’t white and he usually only eats white food.”


“I have noticed alright that he seems to stand up for himself more around the kids he is familiar with and used to, which is a giant leap for him.”


“We went on to rides in Tramore and he really tolerated the noise very well. We removed him from the merries once we could see he had enough and the best thing about it was he never had a meltdown which really made our day out. John has grown in confidence over the summer and has become very independent. He will call for friends in our estate to play with on his own and using his own initiative.”


“He was was more adventurous with food while we were away. He ate a brown bread roll and also ate sausages, not worried about what brand they were. He was very excited to explore new places and try new experiences while we were away. John also had a dentist appointment today and he was very relaxed in the chair and he got his fissures sealed over and done with very quickly. John isn’t venting his frustration through angry outbursts for the past few weeks which has been really great.”



Mum Gillian, Cork, comments on her 7 year ols son diagnosed with Autism

“He is better to go to bed alone and stays in his own bed. He is more calmer, listens to me more readily and also listens to reason.”


“He is sleeping better, not as restless and less snoring. Better behaviour,e.g, went to buy new shoes for school during the week, he just sat down and got measured. Had no argument about what shoes he was getting. He is going outdoors more, doing more exercise on the trampoline. He seems content in himself.”


“He does not speak as loud now. He is happier in himself. Not as demanding when you say no, he accepts it better now.”


“Since the start of the programme, Sean is sleeping better, he is better behaved when we go out, he listens to me and does what he is told and not demanding. He is going outdoors more and doing more exercise and going on his trampoline more. Seems more content in himself and a lot happier. When he is talking to me he is not as load, I actually have to ask him to speak up as I can hardly hear him.”


“He is using all his energy during the day and is a lot better to go to sleep at night. Went to town with his granddad during the weekend shopping and he was very good and very calm for him. Before he could not take him anywhere without him having a meltdown. Everyone can’t get over the changes in Sean since he started the programme.”


“Sean has really calmed down since starting the programme. He is so calm now he tells me I have to be calm and take a deep breath when I get mad at him. Sean doesn’t grind his teeth while he’s asleep any more which is good. He used to get very constipated a lot and since he started to take the supplement after the Kinesiology session, he is a lot better. He is a lot more happy in himself and can go shopping now without having to buy him anything, he used cost me a fortune before when we used go out.”