The ConfidentCalmKids programme is an innovative and uniquely designed Autism intervention programme, that is Autism Therapy Corkhelping to transform children’s lives. The programme is 15 sessions, 1 session a week. Each session is about 1 hour. The programme works by helping to enhance how the child’s body functions, which then helps them to function better in the varies activities in their daily life.

The programme is a whole body approach, combining Neurofeedback Brain training, Kinesiology, integrating Primitive Reflexes & Phytobiophysics Special Care formulas. By focusing on a whole body approach, this is how the programme helps to enhances all area’s of a child’s life

Neurofeedback works by optimising how the Brain and Central Nervous System works. Using the most technologically advanced, non-invasive Neurofeedback system available, it monitors the brainwave activity and provides information back to the child’s brain, helping the brain to correct itself whenever incorrect brainwave patterns may be detected.

Kinesiology is a holistic, non-invasive therapy that helps to enhanced how the child’s body functions. Using gentle muscles testing, Kinesiology helps to identifying where there may be possible area’s of stress or nutritional imbalances in a child’s body, and what is then needs to help correct these issues.

Neurofeedback CorkPrimitive Reflexes are a set of programmes in the Brain, present in all humans for survival. Primitive Reflexes are used to control the child’s movement until the child developments conscious control of their own movement. If these reflexes are not switched off in the child’s early development, they can have a major impact later in the child’s life. They can affect reading, writing, balance, neuro-development delays, sensory issues, speech, anxiety and many more area’s in a child’s life. As part of the programme, these Primitive Reflexes are switched off, helping to correct these area’s in a child’s life.

Phytobiophysics Special Care formulas are a specially created formula for helping to detox a persons body. There are 7 formulas, each taken on a daily basis for 1 month, helping to detox different area’s in the child body.