Autism Intervention – Confident Calm Kids program brings hope to 7 year old boy diagnosed with Autism

John is a 7 year old boy diagnosed with Autism, whose mum was looking for an Autism Intervention to help her son. During the initial consultation for the Confident Calm Kids program, his Mum detailed the area’s in John’s life, where he finds great difficulty. Some of these areas with particular concern were, John feeling Angry, feeling Overwhelmed, being Constipated on a regular basis, loosing train of thought when focusing on tasks and being Hyperactive.

After he completed the Confident Calm Kids program, he had achieved marked improvements in these area’s of his life, allowing him to have more enjoyment in his life. Below are some of the many benefits John has achieved after completing the Confident Calm Kids program.

Major areas of concern for John’s Mum before starting the program

Area of ConcernFrequency per week before programFrequency per week after program
Constipation2-3 per week
Not constipated now. Going normal every day
Hyperactivity1 time per weekNot happening anymore. Behaviour is very good
Lose train of thoughtRegularlyHas seen an improvement
Feeling Angry2 times per weekRarely happens now
Feeling Overwhelmed1-2 times per weekRarely happens now

The Confident Calm Kids program combines NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Brain training, Kinesiology and integrating Retained Primitive Reflexes. The Confident Calm Kids program is run by Michael, in his clinic in Ladysbridge, in East Cork.

As somebody who works with children diagnosed with Autism(ASD), ADD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Asperger’s and Anxiety, I assure you, that the Confident Calm Kids program can help your child, empowering them to reach their full potential as the person they are.